La policía está buscando a una mujer que intentó robar un televisor de 65 pulgadas en un Walmart en el centro de Florida.

El incidente de robo ocurrió el sábado pasado en Walmart en la ciudad de Mulberry.

La Oficina del Sheriff del condado de Polk dijo que una mujer llegó hasta la salida con el televisor en el carrito cuando los trabajadores de seguridad le pidieron un recibo. Ella dijo que no tenía uno. Mientras tanto, la amiga de la mujer agarró todas las demás cosas robadas del carro y se alejó. La mujer no logró salir con el televisor, pero se fue con su amiga y la electrónica robada.

Retail Theft at Walmart in Mulberry

On Sunday, July 12th, at around 5:00 pm, the woman in this video went into the Mulberry Walmart (6745 North Church Avenue) with another woman, and the two began placing electronics into their shopping cart.Then they placed a 65” TV into the cart. If you’re reading this before watching the video, you’re probably asking yourself, “Does a 65” TV actually fit in a shopping cart?” The logical answer to that is, “No…not really.” But this woman was determined, and she made it work. Lives by the USPS mantra, "If it fits, it ships."Our suspect’s co-conspirator exited the store first. A short time later, the woman you see in the video went past all of the cash registers and out the front door without paying for any of it. Security confronted the woman about her receipt…but she had none. She said she did, but she couldn’t prove that she did. That's because she didn't have one. The other woman grabbed all of the stolen electronics out of the cart (minus the TV) and put them in their car. Then both women got in the car and fled. Store security was able to keep them from taking the TV though.Now we’re trying to identify the woman. The security video is quite good, and we’re sure someone will recognize her.Quite the bold attempt she made—trying to steal a TV that’s as big, if not bigger than she is.If you recognize her, or maybe you might know who the other woman involved is, or you have some other bit of information that might be helpful to this investigation, please contact Detective Wright at 863-499-2400, or to remain anonymous, contact Heartland Crime Stoppers – call 1-800-226 TIPS (8477), visit and click on "Submit A Tip," or download the free "P3tips" app on your smartphone or tablet.#PCSO#HowdThatTVGetInMyCart#MustHaveFallenIntoMyCartFromAShelf#IDidntEvenNoticeIt#SomeWomenDreamOfBeingBigTVStars#ThisWomanDreamedOfBeingABigTVThief

Posted by Polk County Sheriff's Office on Monday, July 20, 2020

«Todo un intento audaz que hizo — tratando de robar un televisor que es tan grande, más grande que ella», escribió la oficina del sheriff en Facebook.

Cualquier persona con información debe llamar a Heartland Crime Stoppers al 800-226-TIPS. Permanecerá anónimo y podría recibir una recompensa en efectivo si su denuncia lleva a un arresto.