El 20 Festival de Música Ultra en Miami se celebró el fin de semana pasado en Bayfront Park con cerca de 165,000 personas y con una gran participación de asiáticos.

Por las calles del centro de Miami se podían ver a las personas caminando cada día hacia el festival de música con el peculiar vestuario que se lleva a estos eventos.

I had an amazing time at @ultra with some of my best friends. I finally got to experience @virtualself for the first (and second) time and I was completely blown away. Thank you @porterrobinson for always putting your heart, your soul, your entire being into everything that you do. It is so inspiring to see what happens when someone really cares about something. Do yourselves a favor and make it a point to see #virtualself as soon as you possibly can. I also wanted to thank @zeldazazu @sykes.craig and @shrimpchowmein for your kindnesses. Without you, this weekend wouldn't have been nearly as special to me and my heart is still swelling with gratitude. 🖤🖤🖤

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A pesar de las quejas de los vecinos por el ruido la música sonó a hasta la 1 de la mañana cada día.

Ultra Miami you’ve been amazing ! Best ever experience 🙌😍🇦🇺🇺🇸

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El Festival Anual de Música Ultra transcurrió con relativa normalidad sin lamentar incidentes desagradables.

Tell me what you think… 🤯 #SwedishHouseMafia #Ultra2018

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Until the next time ultra #umf #ultra20 #miami #nickyromero

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¿Visitaste el festival Ultra?